Handmade Pleated Masks

These masks are made right here in eastern Kansas. Pleated with space for a filter (not included) if you want to use one. Elastic (not rubberband) ear pieces are sewn into the fabric folds. Double thickness – 100% cotton. The sewing on these are excellent (seamstress). The backside material matches perfectly with front design. Masks are 7.5″ (unless marked otherwise) and will fit almost all adult faces (men and women). If you have someone in need of a larger size, let me know! 

If there is a design you would like, email me and I’ll see if I can get you that design. I may require a minimum number to be purchased but I will work with you!

Limited quantities available.

Shipping pricing based on the total amount purchased as of March 1, 2024. This eliminates any codes you have to worry about.
Up to $30.00 will be $5.50
$30.01 to 199.99 will be $9.50
$200.00 or over shipping will be free!

I will ship to Canada, UK, and other areas. Please contact me before ordering. Wendi

5.5″ for young children
6.5″/6.75″ for children and small adults
7.5″ for almost all adults (masks for very large faces can be custom made – please contact me)

The seamstress did an excellent job of putting the handbells where they can be seen when the mask is fully open!

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