Vinyl Window Decals

We have vinyl window decals for your vehicle! Instructions are at the bottom of this page. Email me if you would like put purchase in bulk for your choir. I do special requests. Just ask! Decals are die cut.

women with 4 small bellswoman with 2 small bellswoman 2 large bells







man with 4 small bellsman with 2 large bellsman with 4 large bells

man hauling bells

dog with bellcat with attached bell cat with detached bell baby girl baby boy

treble clefpaw print

3″ woman with 4 small bells, 3″ woman with 2 small bells, 3″ woman with 2 large bells
3″ man with 4 small bells, 3″ man with 4 large bells, 3″ man with 2 large bells, 3″ man with bell cart
2″ Dog with bell, cat with unattached bell, or cat with attached bell
2″ baby boy with bells or baby girl with bells
1.5″ or 2″ treble clef
2″ paw print

Variant Title: Woman with 2 small bells
  • Woman with 2 small bells
  • Woman with 4 small bells
  • Woman with 2 large bells
  • Man with 4 small bells
  • Man with 4 large bells
  • Man with 2 large bells
  • Man with bell cart
  • Dog with bell
  • Cat with unattached bell
  • Cat with attached bell
  • Baby girl with bells
  • Baby boy with bells
  • Small treble clef - 1.5"
  • Large treble clef - 2"
  • Dog paw - 2"


Failure to follow any of these instructions may result in damage to the decal and may cause the decal not to adhere properly. If using on a vehicle, only place on the rear window.

Step 1 1. Make sure surface is clean before applying the decal.
Step 2 2. If applying to a glass surface, spray a liberal amount of water or water-based glass cleaner. If applying to a non-glass surface, ensure the surface is completely smooth.
Step 3 3. Peel the decal from backing, position the decal and apply the sticky side to the surface.
Step 4 4. Starting from the center, use a smooth edge (such as a credit card) to remove water and/or excess air from between the decal and the surface.