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  • A beautiful sound resulting from a technique that requires the musician to rub a wooden dowel around the rim of the handbell. Singing handbells resemble the technique used to produce sounds from a crystal glass by rubbing a dampened finger around its rim.  The wooden dowels do not need to be dampened. The technique works on all handbells but does require some practice. OVER 3,000 dowels sold to date!

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  • Intergenerational Handbell Camp at Heartland Center is a time for learning and fellowship with other bell ringers from around the area and nation. New or experienced ringers are welcome!

    Handbell Camp is a place where local and regional bell ringers can learn from skilled leaders and share fellowship with other bell ringers. The benefits of ringing with others from different groups brings a multitude of new ideas and broaden the experience and skills of new and experienced ringers.