Life of Rylie Comfort Color t-shirts are available in both long sleeve and short sleeve styles as well as unisex and women’s sizes.




Life of Rylie Women’s Shirts

Life of Rylie Unisex Shirts

Life of Rylie shirts were inspired by my daughter, Elizabeth’s, patterned white Australian Shepherd pup, Rylie. Rylie was born with the most beautiful blue eyes and is profoundly deaf. She is not albino. This has not stopped her from being the alpha dog to Cope, a male husky mix, Zoey, a female lab mix, or Molly, a red Merle Australian Shepherd.

She is a very smart dog and started learning sign language the minute she became mobile. All the dogs in the house have learned sign language too.

A portion of all proceeds will go to a local no-kill shelter. Because of one of these shelters, Rylie was spared and adopted by Elizabeth.

Rylie has a new baby brother, Judge (Jud, for short) and a new cousin, Cooper. Jud is a patterned white mini Australian Shepherd. He is also deaf. Cooper is a tri full size Australian Shepherd with the most beautiful blue eyes. Cooper spends his days with his guys at the University of Kansas, specifically Shane.