About Us

Our story: I’m Wendi! I am a member of the bell choir in a small Presbyterian congregation in Prairie Village, Kansas. Last year, I noticed that our church was about to dispose of an old wooden pew. I picked the pew up off the curb, took it home and went on an internet search for something that I could make and sell using this free and “recycled” wood.

At the time, our handbell choir was trying to raise money to purchase the lower octave handbells (B4 and below). I had never used any woodworking machinery before even though my husband is a fine woodcrafter.

I chose a beautiful Advent/Lenten scene and had it copyrighted. I enlisted the help of another bell choir member, Karen, whose husband is also a master woodcrafter. Together we formed our business, Third Bell on the Right, to sell handmade art. We started with the Advent/Lenten set, then designed a handbell ornament made of wood and leather, and then a handbell cheese and cracker server.

Along the way, we learned how to operate machinery in our husbands’ woodshops that we would have never thought about operating before. Who would have thought a couple of musicians could learn to operate saws?  We both found that the time spent with our husbands enjoying their hobby enriched our marriages.

ALL of our items are made from recycled wood, leather and Surell. All wood is sanded to remove all stains, paints and oils.

On occasion, we carry other handmade items from our friends. Eric has been a woodworker for almost 40 years. He makes the most beautiful cutting boards in either the size of the G3 bell or C4 bell.

Who we are

We are both musicians. Karen is a high school and elementary strings director. Wendi plays horn in several local groups and co-owns a wholesale electric company started by her grandfather. Karen and Wendi are handbell ringers in the church choir and in the Heartland Ringers community choir. Wendi handles several websites in her spare time.

Karen and Wendi met at church where we helped with the children’s choir. We have been friends since. Karen introduced Bob to Wendi 15 years ago. Karen’s favorite words for that are “I didn’t expect you to get married!”

John (Karen’s husband) has been woodworking from the time he was a boy in his father’s woodshop.  John has been designing and creating custom furniture for the last 40 years.  He has made countless tables, desks, beds, dressers all from beautiful woods with perfect finishes.

Karen is a musician and teacher and has worked by John’s side only for the last ten years mostly keeping her fingers away from the saw blades!

Bob has been doing custom woodworking since a teenager. He has all the toys in his barn that any woodworker would want. A few years ago he bought Wendi a scroll saw. It sat for over 4 years. Last year Wendi decided to tackle some small advent puzzles.

When Bob isn’t nagging Wendi about how she cuts out her puzzles (they make ROUND blades for a reason, Bob), he is at work for his construction company. There is a rumor that one of these days he will finish Wendi’s kitchen. But that’s just a rumor.